Estate Document Preparation and Transmission

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FinalDocx® products are made available to your local Funeral Home, Law firms, accounting professionals and Financial institutions. Please contact your professional provider for availability and current pricing.

FinalDocx® works in two ways.

Your professional provider will use the application to collect all pertinent data such as vital statistics (name, address, phone number etc.). They will also take that big mountain of information about your loved one and input it into the system. Finally, they will verify the information is accurate and file the case with the authorities. The system will then send you a detailed report. Simple.

Or you can do the work from the comfort of your own home. Your professional creates the case file for you and then passes the controls over to you. You create your own password and enter the data into the system. You do this at your own pace and all you need is an Internet connection. You can file the case right away or a little bit at a time as the system allows you to save and file changes without expiry. You can use your computer, tablet, I-Pad or your mobile phone – it is that easy and convenient.

Here is some of the places you can send information to:

  1. National Bereavement registry (Stop junk mail)
  2. Social Security Administration
  3. Medicare/Medicaid
  4. Veteran's Affairs
  5. Equifax
  6. TransUnion
  7. Experian
  8. Driver's License / Photo ID
  9. IRS – Internal Revenue Service
  10. Credit Cards
  11. Utility Transfer or Cancel
  1. Letters of Direction to:
    • Pharmacies
    • Therapists
    • Investment manager
    • Life insurance
    • Lawyers/Accountants
    • Monthly/yearly subscriptions
    • Personal donations
    • Virtually anywhere with a fax/e-mail
  2. Foreign consulate
  3. Rewards Cards

And many more items …

FinalDocx® keeps growing for you and the clients you serve.  Our data collection and vendor relations teams work tirelessly around the clock to keep adding into the system.  Making available to you new processes and changing/updating contacts and processes so that you don't have to.