Estate Document Preparation and Transmission

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FinalDocx USA by Executor's Choice
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Can't thank you enough. At a time when so many things are going on it is so hard to keep track. I did not know who to contact or how to fill out all those forms. I am so grateful this service was made available to my family. Thank you.

Hannah, Iowa, USA

Everything was taken care of minutes and I received a report the following day of who was notified and what was done. Incredible service and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Todd , Iowa, USA

I heard from Stephen from Executor's Choice. We spoke on the phone and he went through everything that needs to be done with me. I wanted to let you know that Stephen was immensely helpful, respectful, professional, and very kind. Thank you for recommending this service. It takes a great deal of stress off my shoulders.

Sarah B, Aftercare Cremation & Burial

Using FinalDocx for our customers is so easy. Our staff can start the file in minutes and pass the control to our families at anytime. Amazing.

Scott, RIP Resources

As soon as the Funeral Home told me there was help with FinalDocx, I said yes! I was so glad to get the help and it was so easy. I can only imagine how many mistakes I would have made if I had done this on my own.

Cecilia, Toronto, ON