Estate Document Preparation and Transmission

Kevin St. Aubin

Kevin St. Aubin
Founder | Executor's Choice

After working years in the Funeral Industry and having lived through the loss of many family members, we believe that you deserve better, more affordable, and accessible solutions at a time of loss.

Too many times we have seen the Executor’s role lead to great difficulty and cost thousands of dollars. We built a system of tools that uses technology to benefit everyone. After all, your time is better spent with family than filling out form after form and spending countless hours looking for information.

We are a collection of experienced professionals from many disciplines that came together to form Executor’s Choice. Financial professionals, funeral providers, programmers, web designers, researchers. Consultants from the legal and accounting fields, government offices and so many more have all contributed to bring to you web-enabled software tools to help.

Our driving force is to provide technology solutions that everyone can use when we need the help the most. Delivering, the right care at the right time at the right price. Executor’s Choice.

FinalDocx® products are available through your local Funeral Home, Law firms, accounting professionals and Financial institutions. Please contact your professional provider for availability and current pricing.