Estate Document Preparation and Transmission

smarter, faster and safer way to send death notifications

FinalDocx - A smarter, faster and safer way to send death notifications

Go from overwhelmed to automated.

As the person responsible, you have collected, compiled and made a list of all the things to do and places to contact on behalf of the deceased. Whether this is your first time, or you are a professional, your job demands that this mountain of information finds its way to everyone.

You can do this the old-fashioned way of calling and being put on hold, standing in long line-ups, and licking hundreds of stamps and stuffing envelopes -OR- the new way, using FinalDocx® to contact everyone in just minutes. We think the choice is simple.

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Measure your time in clicks, not weeks or months.

We've taken all of the best features of technology and made a tool that delivers all the ease and convenience that the future promised. FinalDocx® works by sending the right information to the right people in the format that they want it in. All you do is create a profile, input their identification, account numbers and we do the rest. Not only is this a fast and secure way to send information but we track it for you and produce a final report, so you know exactly when it was sent and when it was received. Now that is real peace of mind!

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